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Thursday, 15 December 2011


We wish to extent our gratitude to all stakeholders who supported and participated in making the World Aids Day event successful.

The event which was marked at Rwatama Primary School on 1st Dec 2011 with a theme, Getting To Zero drew its strength from generous contributions of the following stakeholders:
World Vision Kshs 17,500, Malaba Town Council (Kshs 5,000), Amagoro CDF 5 crates of soda, Dawn of Hope Youth Group (Kshs 1,500), Kico Shep (Kshs 2,000), Angurai Women Group (Kshs 500), Esenyi Support Group (Kshs 1,000), Aloete Akitolosite Support Group (1,500), Angurai Theatre Group (Public Address System),  AKUDEP CBO ( Hosted the event and provided Tents and Chairs) NACC ( 3 curtons of milk, a curton of biscuits and 5 curtons of water), WRCCS (Kshs 500), Teso County Council, (Kshs 5,000), Department of Gender (40 litres of fuel), Youth Department (10 litres of fuel), AMPATH (HIV Counseling and Testing services) and DDO (Kshs 3,000)

Dawn of Hope Orphans entertain guests during the World Aids Day Celebrations.


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